Silk industry supply chain complexity: A comparative study on finding the gap between demand and supply


  • Samiul Islam University of Rajshahi
  • Anik C. Shill University of Rajshahi
  • Shahidul Alam University of Rajshahi
  • Ayesha A. Asha University of Rajshahi
  • Rifat Hossain University of Rajshahi


, silk industry, cocoon production, , silk import and exports, lack of consistent supply of raw materials


This research is done to understand the current supply chain element responsible for demand and supply fluctuation in the industry. To get more authentic and feasible data we collected two types of data, primary and secondary. These data are collected by using deductive approach and different method such as surveyed questionnaire from farmers, manufacturers, and interview from government institution, observation and reading some journals, newspapers related with silk industry. The literature review is descriptive section of the research where all the important issues, definitions, theories and framework was described to understand the research more efficiently. In the literature review the thoughts about the supply chain management of silk industry, various difficulties inside the intricate network, critical analysis of demand and supply of silk industry are identified. Then using the demand curve and supply curve and also with collected data a content analysis was formed and finally through the research it is found that the lack of consistent supply of raw materials are the responsible cause behind lack of supply. The curve shows that the supply is linear and it has not changed in the last three years. Furthermore, gathering information from over 140 people. Our inquiries are constructed to provide statistical support for supply and demand. Our data study reveals that over 86% of individuals retain silk products on their lists of preferred items, however 40% of people believe the price of silk products is too expensive and therefore unaffordable. 76% of distributors believe that the high price is to blame for the lack of production resources. In every year our country has imported $1.62 million but production in domestic industry only $16.1k. Finally the research shows that there is a lack of supply and increasing demand in the silk industry.



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Samiul Islam, Anik C. Shill, Shahidul Alam, Ayesha A. Asha, & Rifat Hossain. (2023). Silk industry supply chain complexity: A comparative study on finding the gap between demand and supply. Supply Chain Insider | ISSN: 2617-7420 (Print), 2617-7420 (Online), 11(1). Retrieved from