Explaining the Impact of Supply Chain Transparency on Sustainable Consumption


  • Nanjiba Chowdhury
  • Nur Mohammad
  • Makbul Ahmed Tasif
  • Kazi Nabila Tasnim


Over the past two decades, sustainable consumption has garnered widespread attention from various stakeholders around the world such as the government, the general public, international organizations, researchers, and academia. Due to the effects of climate change, usage of scarce resources, global warming, and waste production, there’s an urgent need to adopt sustainable practices for the well-being of the next generation (Ottman, 2011; Wei et al., 2017). Thus, nations across the world have started taking initiatives to lessen the harmful environmental practices associated with economic activities. This acknowledgment and awareness about the environment have led to the establishment of sustainable consumption which emphasizes sustainable practices that result in a lesser negative impact on the environment



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